Anytime we get the chance to take the quick 2 hour direct flight from Charlottetown to Toronto, for a little getaway we are in! I am excited to have partnered with the Charlottetown Airport and Air Canada for this fun filled weekend.   The Charlottetown airport is small and so different from the hustle and bustle of the big ones, and everyone is always so helpful and friendly.  It's always a great start and ending to any trip.


On this visit to the city, we had a quick engagement session to kick off the trip with a sweet couple in Port Credit which we did as soon as we landed.  The city is easy to navigate using either the transit system or the Go Train.  Once we said our farewells to our sweet couple, we hoped back on to the transit to get to our hotel.

A lot of the trips into the city we use airbnb but we were short on time for this one so we stayed at the Courtyard Marriott. Close to shopping and a subway access point, it was super convenient. A quick drop off of luggage and out the door again to the Wenona Craft Beer Lodge for a quick meeting, a bite and a brew. Wenona Craft Beer Lodge changes their menu so the few times I have been here, it is always a different selection. From there we onto to wisebar (the sweetest little neighbourhood local spot) just a few blocks down for another pint, cheers to a successful day. 


The following morning my sister Kimmy admitted to never doing the CN Tower, despite being in Toronto many times, so we had to indulge in a little touristy fun and grab a quick tour. The tower offers truly scenic city views and my sister can now check that one off her list. 

A quick refuel at Page One with a cold brew and a cookie. I love Page One for about every reason there is. The atmosphere, the food, the coffee, the drinks, the space, the people watching...everything. It is a great space where I like to spend a bit of time when in Toronto.

Next up, off to do a little shopping in the Queen West Area. I love to shop for local artists and thrift pieces. For local artist shopping I usually hit up are Brika and the Toronto Designers Market. Both are filled with local artisan goods. You can even find some maritime artists being represented in those shops. Whenever we travel to different places, I like to shop local and support the artists of that area.

For amazing thrift finds, there are many shops that you can score some sweet finds including Garb, Black Market Clothing, Stella Luna, Gadabout.

For more great thrifty locations, try this link.

All that shopping and thrifting had us ready to stop for a snack and drink. We dropped off our finds and got ready for a night out, at a fun little spot called El Caballito Tequila Bar.  Lots of Tequila drinks to try and some amazing eats.


What's a Saturday in the city without a little brunch?  We started off our last full day in the city with a bite at The Federal.  It's an amazing spot with lots of character and charm and the scones.  Oh my.  Everyone loves a great brunch. There may be a line up on the weekends, but they are worth it! If you can't make it to the federal other amazing suggestions to check out are Gayley's, and the Farmhouse Tavern.

There are always cultural things happening in the city. We were excited to have a chance to check out the Toronto Book Fair. The fair includes seminars, panel discussions, readings. lunches and workshops. One of my favorite parts of travel is being able to chat with local people, especially artisans. It is always nice to get to chat out the similarities and differences of being an artist in a city as opposed to on the east coast. 

After the fair, we took a break from all the hustle, grabbed a coffee from White Squirrel. It's a great place that I have worked from on many occasions. It is pretty small coffee shop but if you are lucky enough to score a table, you can get some day dreamy work done in here. So many coffee shops to hit up. I usually like to hang out at a coffee shop or two when traveling. Sometimes I am working and sometimes I just like to daydream.  With our coffee in hand, we headed across the block over to the park for a little people watching. 

Trinity Bellwoods Park is one of my favorite parks to stroll through, in any season.  It also offers a great dog friendly section if you bring along your furry friend.  If a coffee isn't your ideal park treat, well then you can check out one (or all these treats).

iHalo Krunch is Toronto's first charcoal ice cream shot. it was opening weekend while we were in town so we stopped by. It was delicious! Another first on the block is Arctic Bites - Toronto's first Thai inspired ice cream rolls. So delicious!  If cool treats aren't your thang, head onto one of our favorite doughnut shops! Doughnuts are always on the top of my list to seek out when traveling. Our top favorite is Glory Hole Doughnuts. It is a small independently run artisan shop in Parkdale area. So many delicious choices! 

After the park, we headed off to the Amsterdam Brewhouse, for a quick farewell pint. We shared the Smokehouse burger and fries and it was delicious! Packing up the many purchases into our carry on luggages was next on the hit list. I had to wear a few extra layers home but it was worth it!

I cannot thank the sweetest airport ever, Fly PEI, for partnering with me on this project. Air Canada has a convenient one stop flight from our small island to the big city. The combination of the two is nothing short of perfect! 

The feeling you get when you fly over PEI, knowing that you will see the smiling faces of the staff at Charlottetown Airport, as well as various people you know in arrival's is the greatest. The excitement of new travellers to PEI surround you, and it is contagious. I am proud to be an islander and proud to boast it's beauty with any one who will listen.