As a professional photographer, I maintain high standards. I continually upgrade my skills through education, print competitions and convention participation. When you hire me as your wedding photographer, you can be guaranteed that I will put my absolute best effort in delivering high quality photography services.

Here's a bit ofThe Rachel Peters Photography Guarantee:

My Interest In You

It's very important to me that I get to know you prior to your wedding, and that includes your preferences, needs and special requests. It is my responsibility to make sure that all aspects and every detail of your wedding are captured in photos. You can be assured that I will work closely with you from the time we sign a contract, so that you are comfortable with me and I know what you want. I am 100% focused and will work extremely hard to ensure that I get all the shots that need to be taken. I do not leave a wedding until I know that I have the right shots to choose from. 

Artistic Vision

Through my experience, I am able to bring an artistic eye to your special day. I know what to look for that the average eye, or even amateur photographers do not. There is much more consideration than just photographing a wedding couple, but rather things like lighting, background, colors, etc.

Understanding of Surroundings

This sounds like a bit of a mouth full, but there is actually a lot of considerations that can impact photos. Lighting is a big factor and it's important to understand how lighting in photos work. With this being said, I am able to capture natural lighting in images, regardless of whatever lighting is available on your special day. 

Another consideration that I bring as a professional photographer, is that I can work with you in considering options for unforeseen circumstances. For example, we know that mother nature has her own agenda, so if you have plans for an outdoor wedding, or photos at the beach, I will help you work on back-up options in case mother nature impacts your original plans.

High End Technology

I use high quality shooting equipment and know how to use it. Because of this, I am able to capture photographs that will be reflected in the photos you receive. 

What Your Investment Means

The investment you make in hiring Rachel Peters Photography is one that ensures high quality, experienced services.  You will be hiring someone who knows how to make you look your very best, has an artistic eye, an ability to put you at ease, and the technical savvy to produce superiorimages that you will have for a lifetime. Rachel Peters Photography takes your vision and creates it into photographic memories.